Pas Douce (Parting Shot) (2007)

Fred: "When you know how to shoot and you shoot someone, it's not an accident."
By Jeanne Waltz
With Isild Le Besco, Lio and Steven de Almeida

I watched Pas Douce mostly because it's a Swiss movie. Those are rare so when I come across one, and if it seems interesting, I go for it.

Pas Douce is focused on Fred, a young nurse who seems to have issues dealing with an ex-boyfriend who is now with someone else, an estranged father and working the night shift. She seems to try to cope with alcohol and soon enough she go tell people that she is going to leave. A former competitive shooter, she takes her rifle in the woods and is about to shoot herself when a pair of teens make noise somewhere nearby. When they disrupt her once again, in a split second, she shoots one of the kids in the knee. The kid ends up under her surveillance in the hospital and while the police look for a suspect, she will have to learn to take care of her patient.

The main character of Fred is an interesting one, and was very well portrayed by the actress, who seems in real internal conflict during most of the movie. The movie is pretty straight forward and therefore seems short, the strength of it residing in the internal guilt of Fred, the conflict between Marco, the teenager, and his parents as well as the issues that Fred faces in order to keep functioning on her night watch while drinking excessive amounts. While not exceptional in any aspect, it is a good movie in most regards. The story unfolds well and it doesn't leave the viewer with a disappointed aftertaste.

I liked: Fred is a well developed character. The strong point is the relationship between Marco and Fred.

I disliked: Not particularly intriguing. Her relationships are unclear.

It functions really well as a whole, but didn't leave me with any indelible memories, apart from Isild Le Besco's performance.


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