The Last Stand (2013) / Review by Tumor

Ray Owens: "I've seen enough blood and death, I know what's coming"
By Jee-woon Kim
With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker and Luis Guzmán

The main, maybe I should say only, reason I watched The Last Stand is because it's the comeback of Arnold Schwarzenegger after his journey as the Governor of California.

The Last Stand is about a convict who is being escorted to another prison, and as per usual in movies, he has an escape plan and it sets himself free. We also learn about the FBI team trying to hunt him down as well as a Sheriff in a small town near the Mexican border. The three forces will all converge to that small town and the action will unfold.

The Last Stand is not particularly good in any field, but overall it seems to work. Arnold is great as a tough, by-the-book sheriff. The story is absolutely predictable and the car chases fill in for when the action slows down. The second roles are all enjoyable and fill in with colorful characters, stereotypical maybe, but it's not really the in-depth personality of everyone that is being explored here.

I liked: Arnold makes a come back, in a role that really fits him. Fast paced. Very guns and brawls oriented.

I disliked: So many cars are being blow up, it's almost distracting. Predictable in every aspect.

Fans of action movies and/or Arnold will be pleased. Don't look too much into it and it should be an enjoyable experience


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